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April 3, 2024
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Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters – the legendary vocalist of Led Zeppelin at the only one concert in Poland.

On July 21st, in the Charlotte Valley Robert Plant, the winner of Grammy award and the undisputed leader in rankings for the best vocalists ever, will give a concert. .

. During 50 years of his career Robert Plant recorded 9 albums with the icon of rock music Led Zeppelin. He also recorded solo albums as well as albums with Jimmy Page and Alison Krauss. One of the British radio station, Planet Rock, gave him a title of the best rock voice of all time. He was better than Freddy Mercury and Paul Rodgers. Robert Plant is an uncontested rock star, who still shines brightly and provides his listeners an unique musical experience. Together with his band, The Sensational Space Shifters, they will play rock music canons of Led Zeppelin as well as the songs from his solo albums, including recently released Lullaby and….the Ceaseless Roar. Tempted by enormous financial prices for the reactivation of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant is constantly refusing and is focused only on his own career.

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We cordially invite you July 21st, 2015 in Dolina Charlotty.

The 9th edition of Rock Legends Festival

July 3rd, 2015 ZZ Top will give a concert in the Dolina Charlotty. The band has been playing in the same line since 1969 and will perform as the star of the first day at 9th Rock Legend Festival.

ZZ top is the representative of hard rock, blues and southern rock. Influence boogie is also clearly heard in their music. The group has not kept off a grotesque rock and what is more, they represents a typical Texan humor. The period of the greatest success of the group was half of the 80s, when the Eliminator album became a hit of the mainstream rock.

The two front men, Gibbons and Hill, grew long beards. They started to wear the same kind of clothes – golf hats, oversize shirts, sunglasses and baggy pants, they could be seen as two twins. The most popular songs of ZZ top like, Rough Boy, Gimme All Your Lovin and Stages, all have both an original style and interesting videos.

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We cordially invite July 3rd, 2015 in the Dolina Charlotty.

It’s official! Carlos Santana, a true musical giant, will play again in the Dolina Charlotty. One of the best guitarists in the world has confirmed his participation in 9th Rock Legends Festival.

Santana recorded several dozen albums, won 10 Grammy Music Awards. His last album Corazon was recorded in 2014.

The artist has already given a phenomenal musical performance in the Dolina Charlotty in July of 2013. The spectacular musical event was watched by an overflow of audience of more than 10 thousand people. It was definitely one of the best performances of truly emotional music. We all remember Santana’s comment at the Dolina Charlotty concert: Here is my new home. (…) As herein should be worldwide. Love respect, faith, harmony, beauty and grace. Without conflict, war and brutality.

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