Global Dance Festival Red Rocks

October 26, 2022


General Admission Passes

A general admission ticket grants you entry into Global Dance Festival, where you will be able to access all three stages with no reserved seating.

Purchase 3-day GA Passes Purchase Friday Tickets Purchase Saturday Tickets Purchase Sunday Tickets

Friday July 17
FLOSSTRADAMUS, ABOVE & BEYOND, SEVEN LIONS, Ecotek, James Egbert, Kozah, Lane 8, Mahi, Milo & Otis, Pegboard Nerds, Peking Duk, Saturn, Toyboy & Robin, 2Friendz, Cruz, EKG, Joman, Mastermash, Lost Empire, Paws, TSA

Saturday July 18
KASKADE, DATSIK, 3LAU, DOCTOR P, Fury, Illenium, Mako, Slander, Slow Magic, Terravita, Vanic, Virtu, Atom-X, Boss, Decadon, Dilley, DJ Loveless, Jleet, Meridian, T Swerk

Sunday July 19
TIESTO, BENNY BENASSI, Goldfish, Green Velvet, Kill The Noise, Manufactured Superstars, New World Sound, Route 94, Turner & Heit, Aviva, Digital Virus, Lujan, Jason Scott, Kyro, T.O.C, Tuan Nguyen

VIP Passes

Red Rocks is huge, so having access to the closest views offered is a big deal! With VIP to GDF15 you can get up close and personal with this years performers.

Front-row access to multiple stages at Red Rocks is like being in your own world. Picture yourself being at eye level with some of the hottest acts in the world at the most beautiful venue in the world. As your favorite song is dropped you can almost swear the DJ was looking right into your eyes. VIP at Red Rocks = world-class artists so close you can almost touch them.

VIP passes to GDF 2015 include a commemorative VIP laminate and access to private viewing areas directly in front of the two main stages. VIP not only offers unparalleled views of the stage, but as your own private meet up area. Finding your group of friends is much easier if you have access to VIP viewing areas, as the venue is massive!

-Access to the best seats in the house. The first 10 rows at Red Rocks are roped off for VIP, immersing you in the production and sound.
-Access to the front VIP section on the second stage.
-Collectable laminate pass
*VIP is open to all ages

Purchase VIP Passes

Retail Outlets

Things That Glow
948 W 8th Ave, Denver, CO 80204

Root on the Hill
1121 Broadway St, Boulder, Co 80302

Rock N Robins
804 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Reserve A Hotel

Make GDF 2015 into an epic Colorado weekend! Use our hotel finder to find deals on hotels close in proximity to the venue! Save some money and maximize your fun by securing a great hotel early

Reserve A Hotel

Box Office

Pick up will-call tickets or purchase tickets at the Red Rocks box office. Opens at 3pm on show days.

*Please note that the box office is located down the road from the amphitheatre (not walking distance). It is located at Entrance #2 off Highway 93.

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Global Dance Festival-2015 Red Rocks
Global Dance Festival-2015 Red Rocks
Global Dance Festival Colorado returns to Red Rocks July 19-21
Global Dance Festival Colorado returns to Red Rocks July 19-21
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