Red Rocks Festival

November 1, 2022
Dance At Redrocks

AEG Live & Global Dance are thrilled to announce the fourth annual GLOBAL DUB FESTIVAL 2015 feat. EXCISION with ZOMBOY, plus many more acts to be announced live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Friday, May 15, 2015. Tickets are just $45 while supplies last. This event sells out every year – get your tickets early!

The producers of Global Dance Festival are bringing the bass back to Red Rocks for another installment of the biggest bass music event to hit the Rocky Mountains: Global Dub Festival! For three consecutive years, thousands of low-end loving Global Dancers have packed the most beautiful venue in the world to the brim, selling out each year! The fourth year is going to be bigger and badder than ever, make sure to grab some ear plugs!

Global Dub veterans Excision (Half Man, Half Robot, Half Dinosaur) and undead bass peddler Zomboy are the first to be revealed for this sub-shattering and ear-splitting event, brace yourselves for Global Dub Fest 2015!

PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE AT OR CHARGE TICKETS BY PHONE, CALL 888.929.7849. Tickets to this show are not available at the Denver Coliseum box office.

General Admission tickets are $45 plus applicable service charges while supplies last. All ages are welcome. VIP tickets available for $75.00 or $100 and include access to a prime VIP Seating Area.

VIP 1: $75, Next to Soundboard

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