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February 20, 2021
lopez-wp “Christian has got some pipes!” – JJ Grey – Mofro “If Dave Mathews and Hootie and The Blowfish had dinner at Matchbox 20’s house” – -WV University Creative Arts Publication “Christian has got a lot of passion and I can feel his performance” – Jennifer Lopez “With a super energetic set full of twists and turns, The Christian Lopez Band keeps you guessing as well as entertained!” – Adam B. Smith, The Robot Factory “A groovy set of tunes laced with expert precision!” – WVU Radio Christian Lopez Band (CLB) is not merely riding the wave of Americana Music, the West Virginia natives, are bending it to its knees. With the will of his voice and the stomp of a steady beat, Christian Lopez and his band are pioneering their own brand of Alt. Folk Country Rock. Like a young Whitman, Lopez translates the iconic America before him into rousing romps and searing serenades employing crisp and thoughtful imagery and storytelling. Lopez is turning traditional songwriting on its head. Lopez takes listeners on a heartfelt rampage through emotion, energy and excitement caring less about the hook then hooking them in with the range and passion in his voice. One moment the music traverses the depths of one’s interior life and the next it rips the listener into a frenzy – a call to stomp, romp and roll. Playing since the age of five, Lopez formed and fronted the band Joe Taxi at the age of fifteen. The band quickly garnered success including a slot on the 2012 “Van’s Warped Tour” and wins at the 2012 West Virginia University Coca Cola, Moonstruck, OttoBar and 2013 Blue Ridge Music Festival Battle of the Bands competitions. At age 17, after tens of thousands of touring miles covered, Christian was determined to carve out a career in music founded on his love of singing, writing, and performing a style of music he felt in his heart, but had yet to bring to life. The first addition to CLB was drummer Michael Silver, a longtime friend of Lopez’s and superb young talent. Silver’s energy and attack laid the foundation for the high-energy performances for which Christian Lopez Band is becoming widely known. The next addition to CLB was vocalist and banjo player, Chelsea McBee. McBee’s Appalachian picking style and luscious vocal harmonies became a staple in CLB’s performance and songs. At age 18, Christian Lopez Band had been named the one of the national “Modern, Southen, Musicians” of the year presented by Belk, been on numerous US tours, including Pre-show performances for Dave Matthews Band, Tim McGraw, Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton, and more, and has just finished production on his debut album with producer, Dave Cobb, in Nashville, TN, yet to be released. With a growing reputation for originality and intensity on stage, the newly rechristened Christian Lopez Band continues to deliver, becoming a favorite at festivals, colleges and premiere venues across the United States. Christian Lopez’s website
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