2014 Music Festival Calendar

March 24, 2024

Whatever time of year you visit Santa Barbara, you might want to make your to-do lists in pencil rather than pen. Year-round sunshine, ocean views and laid-back luxury set the stage for an abundance of festivals, concerts and special events.

Starting with the star-studded Santa Barbara International Film Festival (January/February), the calendar of The American Riviera® overflows with culture, color, food and fun. Signature events include Old Spanish Days Fiesta, Summer Solstice Parade, Harbor & Seafood Festival, Vintners' Festival, epicure.sb: a month to savor santa barbara, Earth Day Festival and more.

And those are just the special events (though Santa Barbara does have a way of making almost any event special). Live music fills the air above the Santa Barbara Bowl from spring to fall. Local artisans share their work at arts and crafts shows every Sunday and 1st Thursday celebrations every month. Farmers markets, writing conferences, art exhibits, theater performances, lectures - whatever your passion, you'll find something wonderful during your stay. In fact, many somethings. So do bring you planner - just remember that pencil.

Featured Partner

Winter Wine Classic – Sat., Feb. 20

Taste nearly 100 classic California wines of legendary stature in Santa Barbara at the Fess Parker Resort along with a wide variety of delectable wine-worthy gourmet morsels in this luxuriant wine and food celebration.

  • Location: Various Locations
  • Phone: 805-963-0023

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival celebrates its 31st anniversary in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara. Film enthusiasts can enjoy special panels, award ceremonies and 200+ films.

  • Location: All around Santa Barbara!
  • Phone: 805-966-9222

It's Film Feast in Santa Barbara-where perfect pairings take center stage during the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF). Explore the best plates and pours throughout Santa Barbara's many theatre districts during SBIFF.

  • Address: University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106
  • Phone: 805-893-8411
  • Venue: UCSB MultiCultural Center
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fEAST - Romanian Music Festival - London, 10 -12 Oct 2014
fEAST - Romanian Music Festival - London, 10 -12 Oct 2014
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Ultra Music Festival 2014: The Top 10 Artists To Watch
Festival Calendar (English) 2014
Festival Calendar (English) 2014
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