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September 7, 2022
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Pet Rock Fest is excited to announce that the 17th annual festival will take place at Becker College on its Leicester Campus.

This annual event will be held on Sunday, Sept. 13, from noon to 5 p.m. (with a rain date of Sept. 20), and will be bigger and better than ever. The event features all of the popular attractions, and continues to put the spotlight on the animal welfare organizations of New England that work hard to promote kindness to animals.

Becker College is eager to host the fest, and is welcoming Pet Rock Fest enthusiastically. Since the College offers nationally recognized degree programs in animal studies, has an Equestrian Center for academic and athletics programs, and offers an on-campus clinic open to the public, the relationship between Pet Rock Fest and Becker is symbiotic.

“On behalf of Becker College President Robert Johnson and the entire College community, we are very excited to offer a home to Pet Rock 2015, ” said Richard French, DVM, M.S., Ph.D., dean of Animal Studies and allerton chair of Animal Health Sciences at Becker College. “This festival, which promotes animal care and helps give pets a voice, resonates with our educational mission and core value of teaching social responsibility. This partnership will be rewarding not only for the students enrolled in our animal studies program, but for the entire Central Massachusetts community of pet owners and those interested in the health and welfare of animals.”

Held on the campus property close to Leicester Common, the venue offers easy access from Route 9, plenty of parking, and space to bring back all of our attractions, including K9 demos, the Frisbee dog team, live music, the Adoptable Pet Parade, Amateur Dog Contest, vegetarian vendors and our wonderful sponsors and animal welfare organizations. The property also offers a large, wooded area with picnic tables, where you and your dog can hang out and relax.

“We had diligently been seeking a home for our 2015 festival for months, ” said Founding Partner Charlene Arsenault, “and Becker College, with its veterinary program and enthusiasm for letting us host our event there, was a no-brainer. The event focuses on kindness to all animals, and the college clearly shares an appreciation for that message.”

“We are so very happy to have finally found a partner in Becker College, ” said Founding Partner Jeannie Hebert, “which is not only eager to work with us, but shares the Pet Rock Fest mission of education to bring about fair and kind treatment of animals in our society.”

Pet Rock Fest will send updates soon with event schedules, attractions and this year’s sponsors.

Pet Rock Fest features live music, a vegetarian food court, games for kids, contests for dogs, a cat photo contest, photos with your pets, doggie massages, a doggie water park, demonstrations, exhibits, vendors and, most importantly, hundreds of nonprofit groups devoted to animal welfare causes. All animals.

Pet Rock Fest gives its proceeds to worthy animal related charities that support a variety of causes, from shelters to law reform to farm animal sanctuaries.

For updates on the plans for the day, groups signed up to attend, and other official or not so official news, visit or check us out on Facebook at and on Twitter @Petrockfestival.

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