Rock Festivals in California

February 10, 2024
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Woodstock Music and Art Fair, The: poster [Credit: PRNewsFoto/Signatures Network/AP Images]Rock festival Woodstock Music and Art Fair, The: posterPRNewsFoto/Signatures Network/AP Imagesa series of musical performances by a variety of artists, which generally take place over a number of days. Some festivals are singular events, while others recur annually in the same location. Occasionally, a festival will focus on a particular genre (e.g., folk, heavy metal, world music), but many attempt to bring together a diverse lineup to showcase a broad array of popular music trends.


Rock festivals had their origin in the jazz festivals held in Newport, Rhode Island, and in Monterey, California, in the 1950s. As the folk music revival spread in the early 1960s, the Newport Festival added a folk component, which gave birth to other folk festivals across the country. When the 1965 Newport Folk Festival allowed the Paul Butterfield Blues Band to play and to back up Bob Dylan, controversy over the appearance of electric instruments followed, but the shrewd commercial decision meant that, increasingly, electric performers appeared at these events. The roots of the all-rock festival can be found in the early days of the San Francisco scene, particularly in a 1965 benefit show held at the Ark, a club in Sausalito, California, and in several subsequent benefits for the San Francisco Mime Troupe organized by Bill Graham. Because by the mid-1960s most rock performers were self-contained acts, these festivals differed from earlier phenomena such as Dick Clark’s Cavalcade of Stars, which generally presented a series of solo singers or vocal groups who worked with a single backing band.

Monterey, Woodstock, and beyond

The 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, held at the fairgrounds where the Monterey Jazz Festival was produced, was the first major rock festival, but its logistics, expense, and commercial failure deterred other American promoters from mounting similar events until the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, held in Bethel, New York, in 1969, became the prototype. Like Woodstock, many of the subsequent festivals were commercial disasters, which kept any single rock festival from becoming an annual event like the jazz festivals had become, and the Rolling Stones’ unfortunate show at Altamont Speedway in Livermore, California, in 1969 (at which several people were beaten and one man stabbed to death) did nothing to improve their reputation. Another inhibiting factor was expense: because so many bands went unpaid by promoters, most who would be major attractions at a festival priced themselves out of the market. Only a trusted promoter like Graham, who presented the Watkins Glen (New York) Festival in 1973, could attract big names.Lollapalooza [Credit: Paul Burani] In fact, it was Graham who hit on the most workable formula for a rock festival in the mid-1970s with his “Day on the Green” series at the Oakland (California) Coliseum; it was held in an enclosed area, which made it possible for the promoter to minimize gate crashing and the unauthorized sale of alcohol and drugs.

Of the post-Woodstock festivals, the Atlanta (Georgia) Pop Festival in 1969–70 was perhaps the most important to rock history; it packed the lower end of the bill with local groups and thereby invigorated the Southern rock movement of the 1970s. Rock festivals in the United States tapered off after about 1975, only to be revived in 1991 by Perry Farrell, the leader of the alternative rock group Jane’s Addiction, who came up with a very successful formula based on the “Day on the Green” concept. Farrell’s touring Lollapalooza event endeavoured to bring underground music to middle America by mixing large- and small-stage performances with political and cultural information booths. Genres represented in the lineup typically included hip-hop, punk, ska, and shoegazer, although the headlining spot was generally reserved for an alternative or hard rock band that had achieved some degree of mainstream success. Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan launched Lilith Fair, an all-women festival that followed the Lollapalooza model, and Ozzy Osbourne collected artists under the Ozzfest banner.

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