Rock N Roll Festival

October 13, 2022
Top 5 Rock

festival weekendGet ready to rock Dublin on 2nd August! NEW course, same Rock ’n’ Roll feel and a whole weekend to keep you entertained!

The Race

Starting in Dublin’s Docklands area, running along the north side of the Liffey River, you will be in for a treat and will pass a ton of Dublin’s most famous landmarks! After crossing over Memorial Bridge onto the south side, the route passes the famous Ha’Penny bridge, Christ Church Cathedral, St. Audoen’s Church (oldest parish church in Dublin!) and of course, no tour of Dublin would be complete without… the Guinness Brewery.Fesitvalvenues Although, the smell of hops and barley will be fleeting, as you continue on past the Royal Hospital and Kilmainham Gaol into Phoenix Park it’s here that the journey turns scenic! The route winds its way through the lush park, taking in the Wellington Monument, the Papal Cross, Dublin Zoo and finishing with a Rockin’ concert in the park!

Run hard, play harder in Dublin this summer!

The Weekend

Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin have teamed up with some of the best venues in Dublin, to bring you the ultimate Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival Weekend. There is a full programme of music over 5 fantastic venues all weekend:

The Grand Social, The Church, Mercantile, Whelans and The Button Factory

This is all alongside with The Famous – Dame District Rock ‘n Roll Conference, which Rock ‘n’ Roll runners will be able to take in.

A full schedule of events will be put together, so watch this space and keep your diaries free!

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