Rock Oyster Festival

August 24, 2022
Padstow rock oyster fest

Rock Oyster Festival holds another Big Summer Party at the 17th century Dinham House near Wadebridge, in the Cornish countryside offering food, music, arts, and fun on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th July 2015.


Dr Meaker, The Night VI, April Maze, Josh Savage, Josh Curnow, Malavita, Land of the Giants, Antimatador, Lazy Boy Wonder, Rick Borrie, and John Thorpe.


An adult (aged 17+ years) ticket is priced at £28 with camping an additional £7, a child (aged 12-16 years) pass is priced at £19 with camping, or £16 without camping, and a child (aged 4-11 years) ticket is priced at £8 with camping free. Children aged under 4 years can attend for free. A live in vehicle pass is free with a camping ticket.

Promoted as a midsummer celebration of food, music and art, visitors to the festival eat their way through thousands of Cornish oysters. As well as oysters there's live music, circus acts, children's entertainment, alternative performing arts and a shopping bazaar.


Rustic Camping will be available in the camping field adjacent to the festival site. Rustic means that there will be festival W/C facilities and a standpipe for water essentials (not drinking water) and that is all. Campers can choose between the family campsite and reveller campsite.

The Rock Oyster Festival is a not-for-profit festival.

More information will be here when available.

Rock Oyster Festival 2015

Friday 10th to, Cornwall, PL27 6RH, England MAP
£35 with camping, Child (12-16) £19, child (4-11) £8

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blue oyster cult at Sweden rock Festival 2008
blue oyster cult at Sweden rock Festival 2008
Cornish Living TV - Rock Oyster Festival 2012
Cornish Living TV - Rock Oyster Festival 2012
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