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September 8, 2022
Andy Brown || Folk-Rock With a

Wanting to put the Brad Brewer Band’s tagline of “honest Canadian folk rock” to the test, we ask lead singer and guitarist Brad Brewer a few rapid fire questions, with the condition of being super honest while answering:

– Celebrity crush: Chris Farley
– Favourite Brad Brewer Band member: Ryan
– Worst song ever: American Pie by Madonna
– Best song ever: American Pie by Don McLean
– Burgers or hot dogs: Burgers
– Moustache or beard: Neither
– Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram: “I’m a Facebook guy.”
– What do you think of selfies? “They’re ridiculous. You have a serious disorder if you think people care what you look like fresh outta bed.”

Very superstitious: writing’s on the wall

The Brad Brewer’s Band first EP is self-titled, which Brewer says may or may not have something to do with an industry superstition: “a majority of great bands forged a long career after self-titled debut albums.” He sites The Tragically Hip as an example of this moniker methodology. Either way, with five original songs written over the course of two decades (Brewer wrote My Way Out in 1997!), the writing’s on the wall — this album is sure to take the Brad Brewer Band to the next level. With plans to hit up Alberta summer festivals in 2015 before touring their tunes out east in Ontario, the band hopes to have another album out a year from now. Looking at Brewer’s past year — deciding to go full-time as a solo artist, then forming a band with Ryan Hobbs on drums and Ryan Mazur on bass, and now an EP — they probably don’t have to knock on wood.

“Regret the things you haven’t done, not the things you have.” — Mark ‘Hoops’ Hooper, Brewer’s BFF

Brewer subtly poses the question: “Are you happy where you are in life or would you rather be somewhere else?” in a track off the EP called A 1, 000 Miles Away. He came to this crossroads in 2010, and chose to trade in a beach house, car, dog, and high-paying job in Australia to come back to Banff, the place he moved to in 2005 from his hometown of Lindsay, Ont. Now, he’s married to a gal named Chloe, with a son named Arlo, and a second kiddo on the way. Not to mention, a band.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without everyone around me, ” he says.

Come celebrate the launch of the Brad Brewer Band’s new EP on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at the Elk and Oarsmen, tickets are $15 and worth every shiny nickel. Oh, and there is one more question we asked Brewer (who happened to be wearing a Brad Brewer Band t-shirt before his recent set at Wild Bill’s) and that is: what do you think of lead singers who wear their own band shirts to their own shows?

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