Music festivals in the Southeast

September 19, 2022
Band Cover Photo; Band Solo

Festival Director

Bucky Johnson is Director of Bands, Emeritus at Georgia Tech. He has been a Music Educator for 30 years including work as a High School Band Director. He founded and served as the Director of the 300 member Atlanta Olympic Band from 1992-1996. Bucky, a percussionist, plays professionally and is also the Mayor of Norcross, Georgia. He currently serves on the Music Ministry Team at O ak Grove United Methodist Church.

Festival Director & Choral Division Chair

Janet M. Johnson is a conductor, clinician, adjudicator and in service instructor throughout the southeast. She conducts All-State, Honor and District Choruses as well as presenting sessions for GMEA, ACDA, and SMENC. She taught high school choral music for six years, college choral methods for four years. Janet has worked in church music for over 20 years and served as a clinician for national church music camps. She currently serves on the Music Ministry Team at Oak Grove United Methodist Church.

Instrumental Division Chair

Mr. Dennis Naughton is in his twenty second year of teaching and second year as the Band Director for Flowery Branch High School. In his time at Flowery Branch High School the band has earned consistent superior ratings in marching and concert festivals. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University in 1990. He completed his Master’s of Music Education degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in the summer of 2008.

Mr. Naughton has been awarded the National Band Association’s Citation of Excellence in 3 times in marching band and concert band direction. The North Springs Wind Ensemble has been invited to perform at the University of Southern Mississippi Conductor’s clinic and most recently at the University of Alabama honor Band clinic. Mr. Naughton is a member of MENC, the Georgia Music Educators’ Association, Percussive Arts Society, the Phi Beta Mu Honorary Bandmaster’s Fraternity and the National Band Association.

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My Favorite Things - Southeast Asia Music Festival
My Favorite Things - Southeast Asia Music Festival
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